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I’m Nkechi Esan, the marketing specialist for e-commerce store owners.

You have an amazing store with products that need to be put in front of the right people at the right time.

I help you do this with strategic Shopify web design and automated email flows.

  • Shopify VIP Experience

    Make more sales with a Shopify store designed to woo some wallet opening!

    Transform Your Shopify Store 
  • Klaviyo VIP Day

    Get automated email campaigns that help you engage and sell more to your customers. All Done-For-You, in One Day.

    Sell More With Email 
  • Candor

    I try to be candid and say what I mean (and mean what I say). This means that I won't try to sell you on stuff you don't need. I've been known to tell clients they don't need my services if I know a cheaper alternative.

  • Joy

    I try to do work that brings me joy, and I like working with me to be a joyful and fun process.

  • Rest

    I try to look for business tools and solutions that help you have more time to do the things I want. That's why I love to help business owners automate what marketing they can.

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