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High converting automated email marketing for your Shopify store, all done for you in a day

Klaviyo Flows In A Day

For e-commerce brands who need an email marketing sales system that sells an autopilot for thier Shopify store.

  • ✔️ You feel relieved knowing that you have an email marketing system working 24/7 to engage your clients and boost sales.

    ✔️ You can confidently launch campaigns knowing that your audience will receive emails that reflect your brand

    ✔️ You start getting more sales on your Shopify store because of your automated email marketing campaigns

    ✔️ Every new visitor joining your list receives a personalized welcome email sequence to engage them and persuade them to buy from you

    ✔️ You have more time to spend doing the things you really love instead of searching online for content ideas for your email campaigns.

  • ✔️ Businesses see a 93% increase in open rates when using automation compared to one-off email campaigns.

    ✔️ Welcome email click rates are 86% higher than traditional campaigns

    ✔️ You can manage your subscribers, get to know them, and personalize the emails that go out to them

    ✔️ You can organize your subscribers into different segments based on how they interact with your emails, website content, and products

    ✔️ You can set up an easy, no-fuss way to regularly ask users to create valuable content for you, like product reviews and social media mentions

  • ✔️ You want to create automated email flows to make more money on autopilot but you don't have the time to get all the content together.

  • ✔️ Just thinking about putting all the flows together gets you feelomg overwhelmed.

  • ✔️ You already have some content on social media, or your Shopify store, but you're not sure how to get your automated email marketing going.

Your Email Marketing Expert To The Rescue

I'm Nkechi Esan and its my mission to help you boost sales on your E-Commerce store by optimizing your Email Marketing Automations.

I use the content you already have to craft up to 25 essential your email flows for your Shopify store.

I'll look through your:

- Website

- Your Social media

- Testimonials

- Product catalog and best sellers

- Brand guide and colors

- Product and website photos

And use what you already have to create an email sales machine for your store.

  • Nkechi Esan, Klaviyo Partner and Email Designer
  • Nkechi Esan, Shopify Partner and Designer
  • ✔️ You want to grow your e-commerce sales and need a clear strategy to convert your new subscribers into buyers.

    ✔️ You prefer to spend your time on your business and get the technical parts of email marketing set up and done for you.

    ✔️ You’re not sure which email automations you need for your online store.

    ✔️ Your current automations haven’t been updated for a long time and need a review and refresh.

    ✔️ You’d like to check your email list health and improve your open and click rates


    It starts with you booking a discovery call. During our chat, I'll learn more about your e-commerce business and let you know how I can help you.

    Next, I send you a proposal, contract and invoice, and it's time to get started!

    Once you pay your deposit, I'll send you guided planners to help you provide the information to get your Klaviyo VIP Day started!

    Once you get your pre-work done, you'll get to schedule your VIP Day.

    Behind the scenes, I'll look through your content, your socials, and gather all the great stuff that makes your brand different.

    A week before your VIP Day, we’ll have a 60-minute strategy session where we'll review your your prep work and email content, landing pages and offers to make sure they are aligned with your business goals.

  • 02 CREATE


    I’ll spend 1 day building your email flows.

    After the emails are built, you'll have a week to review the emails and request edits.

    We'll also hop on a call to review your email flows and the Klaviyo set up.

  • 03 COMMENT


    In the comment phase you'll have about a week to go through your new email flows and note any changes you'd like to make. I'll take all your comments and make the needed changes. We'll also hop on a call to discuss the overall build and check it against the agreed strategy.

  • 04 CHECK

    TIME: 2 DAYS

    In the check phase, I review the all your finalized segments, and check all your email flows for best practices.

    Together we test all the links and landing pages and make sure everything is ready to go live.

    Once you sign the go live agreement, we're ready to go to the next stage.

  • 05 CLOSE

    TIME: 30 DAYS

    Once your email marketing flows are built, I’ll provide video walkthroughs and training so that you uderstand how the whole shebang works and how to maintain it.

    You’ll also get 30 days of unlimited email support where I answer all your questions and tune up your flows as we learn about the results from your email campaigns.

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What Clients Are Saying

"NK helped me get off the ground with a way to connect with existing people in my list and more importantly, automatize the processes for future touchpoints."


"Thanks so much NK for getting me over the hill. You’ve been so supportive and fantastic to work with!"


“Working with NK was a blessing! She patiently heard me out, listened to my numerous ideas, and narrowed it all down succinctly to just what I was trying to achieve!”


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    How this jewelry designer connected with more clients and made more sales with email

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  • The Ladymaker

    Email campaigns for the Ladymaker, a fashion brand.

  • Dove & Leaf Email Campaign

    Creating a series of email campaigns for my new Wall Art Store

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All Your questions answered


Why Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is an amazing email platform that's built for e-commerce. It integrates really well with Shopify, and enables you to send personalized automated email and SMS marketing to your clients.

What's the ROI?

Your investment will be returned with all the new sales on your e-commerce store. Email marketing usually brings in 20-30% of revenue for online stores. After your Klaviyo VIP Day, you will have your email marketing set up to bring in more sales on autopilot.

What email platforms do you work with?

I work only Klaviyo - its a pretty solid e-commerce email marketing platform that integrates tightly with Shopify.

How much time is required of me as a client?

  • Your pre-work should take a about 3 hours. I recommend scheduling an afternoon to just sit down and get it all done at once.
  • During your Klaviyo VIP Day, you don’t need to spend any time. I’ll be working behind the scenes to create your emails and will let you know once I’m done.
  • You’ll need about 3 hours to review all the emails after they’ve been built in Klaviyo
  • The Pre-VIP Day and Offboarding call are 1 - 1.5 hours each.
  • Completing the homework in your What's Next? guide to learn your new email system during your 30-day support period depends on YOU - but can take about 3 hours. I recommend scheduling one morning or afternoon per week to work on your homework.

Who will provide the content for the emails?

You're busy creating your products, pricing and making sure your fulfillment delights your clients.

To get started I need basic information about your business, and if you have website copy and social media already, that's more than enough for me to work with.

During the VIP Day process, you will have a chance to provide any additional information, then I'll go ahead and write and create the emails for you in Klaviyo.

Prefer to provide the copy at the start? I got you! I also provide an e-commerce copy guide for you, so that you can specify the copy and images that you want for each email in your flows.

I already have some text written for my Email Marketing. Can you use it?

Great! My Email Swipe file can still act as a checklist to help guide you through renewing your written email copy. During our one-hour strategy call, I’ll review all the text you have written and give you feedback or suggested edits to best engage and sell to your customer.

Who will provide the images for the emails?

I’ll rely on you to provide your brand images, assets, and content to build your emails.

I'll use what you provide to craft graphics for your email flows, and share the source Canva files with you, so we can collaboratively edit the images.

I have more questions and I'd like to get in touch.

Happy to answer questions you might have. You can send an email to nk[at]themerchantboutique[.]com or fill my contact form and I'll get back to you within 1 business day!

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