Grow Your Online Store Sales

E-Commerce Monthly Management Service to help you sell without overwhelm.

E-Commerce Monthly Management

For e-commerce brands who need a partner to help generate sales for their Shopify store.

  • ✔️ You feel relieved knowing that you have a an online store and email marketing system working 24/7 to engage your clients and grow your sales.
    ✔️ You have a monthly plan to make sales, a partner to help you plan your campaigns and strategy.
    ✔️ You can confidently launch campaigns knowing that your audience will receive emails that reflect your brand

    ✔️ You start getting more sales on your Shopify store because of your automated email marketing campaigns

    ✔️ Every new visitor joining your list receives a personalized welcome email sequence to engage them and persuade them to buy from you

    ✔️ You have more time to spend doing the things you really love instead of searching online for content ideas for your email campaigns.

  • ✔️ You want to use your Shopify store and automated email flows to make more money on autopilot but you don't have the time to get all your content together.

  • ✔️ Just thinking about putting all your content together and planning updates to your online store gets you feeling overwhelmed.

  • ✔️ You would also like a partner to support you with SEO, blog posts and campaign planning.

Nkechi Esan - Founder, Ahia Studio

Meet Your E-Commerce Growth Partner

I'm Nkechi Esan and its my mission to help you boost sales on your E-Commerce store by optimizing your Website and Email Marketing Automations.

I partner with you to plan store updates and create an email sales machine to help you grow your revenue.

  • Nkechi Esan, Klaviyo Partner and Email Designer
  • Nkechi Esan, Shopify Partner and Designer
  • ✔️ You want to grow your e-commerce sales and need a clear strategy to convert your new subscribers into buyers.

    ✔️ You prefer to spend your time on your business and get the technical parts of email marketing set up and done for you.

    ✔️ You’re not sure which email automations you need for your online store.

    ✔️ Your current automations haven’t been updated for a long time and need a review and refresh.

    ✔️ You’d like to check your email list health and improve your open and click rates


    Get an expert to work hand in hand with you to make sure that your website and all your features are working perfectly.
    ✔️ We'll change the look and feel of the site to reflect your incentives and be in tune with your marketing calendar.
    ✔️ We'll work together on key campaigns to target seasons like Summer, Black Friday, and Christmas.
    ✔️ 1-hour strategy call bi-monthly to review your Key Performance Indicators and decide on goals and campaigns for the month.
    ✔️ 2 email sign-up forms installed on your website
    ✔️ 4 email flows - e.g. welcome, abandonment, thank you, review request, birthday
    ✔️ 8 email / SMS campaigns per month
    ✔️ 2 blog posts per month
    ✔️ Monthly review of website and email marketing performance.


What Clients Are Saying

"NK helped me get off the ground with a way to connect with existing people in my list and more importantly, automatize the processes for future touchpoints."


"Thanks so much NK for getting me over the hill. You’ve been so supportive and fantastic to work with!"


“Working with NK was a blessing! She patiently heard me out, listened to my numerous ideas, and narrowed it all down succinctly to just what I was trying to achieve!”


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