Digital Product Shops Built With Shopify

Digital Product Shops built with Shopify

When you think Shopify you usually think of physical products. But did you know that there are tons of Shopify stores that sell digital products? 

Why is Shopify great for digital product shops?

  1. Shopify built for e-commerce and selling.
  2. It's easy to integrate Shopify with email marketing platforms like Klaviyo and apps that enable your customers to download their products.
  3. You can have templates for your digital products, which makes it easy to change information like FAQS and reasons to buy sitewide.

Why is Shopify not so great for digital product shops?

  1. Compared to marketplaces like Etsy, you need to drive the traffic to your website. However, it's not a bad idea to establish an Etsy shop to go where the market is, start getting some sales, learn what customers want, and theeeen offer a discreet discount to your Etsy customers if they visit your Shopify store.
  2. You need an additional app to sell digital products on Shopify. I've tested a few apps and I find the delivery process a little clunky - definitely not as smooth as platforms like Squarespace and Snipfeed.


Here are some great websites using Shopify to sell digital products. Full disclosure - I am an affiliate for some of these stores, so when you buy using my links, I get a small commission. My coffee fund kindly thanks you!

1. The Copybar

The is a shop by Ashlyn Carter, the copywriter for creatives. 

Inspiring ideas from this store:

  • The gorgeous product photography
  • The product page design and detailed descriptions
  • The overall design aesthetic
  • The buying experience - as a customer, you get digital thank you card and the product in doc and PDF versions, which is quite useful.
The Copy Bar: Digital Product Shop built with Shopify


    2. The Contract shop

    The Contract shop was founded by Christina Scalera. It's one of the most successful legal template shops online. She has now sold it for 7 figures, and its still going strong.

    Inspiring ideas from this store:

    • The brand promise which states what makes the templates stand out do a lot to build trust
    • The prominent Lead magnet at the bottom of the page is great for growing the email list of the store.
    • The blues and greens go well with the legal business industry - building trust with the customer.
    • The templates are well categorized and it's easy to find what you are looking for by industry or type.
    • I love the offer of a private Facebook group with the purchase of certain templates. This helps put customers at ease because they know that they will get questions answered and get the opportunity to network.
    • The affiliate marketing section is also a great addition to the store - helping them to reach customers through a referral network.
    Digital Product Shop Examples - The Contract Shop


    3. The Email Template Shop

    This shop by Magan Ward is bright and bold and has so many different email templates that an entrepreneur might need. 

    Inspiring ideas from this store:

    • It's very clear what this store does. 
    • The bar at the top builds trust by telling you the thousands of templates already sold by this tore.
    • Lots of social proof with tons of testimonials from happy customers.
    • The "As Seen In" section has so many great press mentions of this brand.


    Digital Product Shop Examples - The Email Template Shop


    4. I Love Mondays Studio

    This store is run by Line, and her mission is to helping online shop owners and corporate e-commerce managers ditch the burnout. you can find Canva templates, services and courses at her store.

    Inspiring ideas from this store:

    • The colors are calming and it is clear what this site sells and who the products are for.
    • This store uses one of Shopify's free themes and it works well.
    Digital Product Shop Examples - I Love Mondays Studio

    5. AWB Firm Page

    Inspiring ideas from this store:

    • Strong branding and clear intro make it clear who the site is for.
    • The colors inspire trust and this is crucial for a store selling contract templates.
    • There are two sliders that really work well for this store:
      • The "what do you need" slider - helping the customer to select collections that best fit their current needs.
      • The bestseller slider, showcasing the most popular templates.

    Digital Product Shop Examples - AWB Firm


    Need help to build your digital template shop with Shopify? Contact me to get started with a free consult.


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