Winter Email Campaigns Ideas For E-Commerce Stores

5 Creative Winter Email Ideas

As an e-commerce business owner, you may be wondering what campaigns to run during the winter season. Even though this season typically sees sales dip across the e-commerce industry, there are still opportunities for great campaign ideas.

During winter, people are making resolutions and reviewing their budgets and taxes, and there are a lot of movements like Veganuary and Minimalist challenges that usually contribute to a slowdown of sales in a lot of industries.

However there are still some great themes you can use in your content by leaning into the fact that it's usually cold, there are seasonal activities, and people want to keep warm.

Here are some ideas for fun winter campaigns for your e-commerce brand.

1. Make Resolution Keeping Fun

Brand: Get Adun
Subject Line: the only ✅ that matters

anuary is resolution making time but Get Adun's campaign is all about helping you to you relax. It's great that it goes against the grain of the usual "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" messaging that gets people so exhausted in January. (Ok, full disclosure - 😉I've been guilty of sending a few messages like that myself).

The email design is aligned with the bold, fun colors of Get Adun's amazing brand. I also love how clear they make their shipping messaging on the top of the email.

The subject line is also short, sweet, and intriguing. The email showcases the delicious food the brand offers, and several warm and spicy products just perfect for winter. Chef's kiss!

Winter Email Campaign Ideas - GetAdun



2. Give People the Warm Fuzzies

Spoonful of Comfort
Subject Line: Bye-Bye, Winter Blues!

This email is literally like a ray of sunshine. It's gray and cold during the winter and people are craving sunshine. This is a nice bright email, highlighting a product which is perfect for staying in and keeping warm.

Winter Email Campaign Ideas - Spoonful Of Comfort


3. Showcase a Winter Collection

Brand: JLuxe Label
Subject Line: Our Ski Collection is now live 🧊

JLuxe Label keeps in with the season by announcing its ski collection. This is the time that many of their customers will be planning ski trips and so it's a great time to announce this collection. Notice how the colors of the products are similar and the email reflects those beautiful neutral colors throughout.

Winter Email Campaign Ideas - JLuxeLabel



4. Give Winter Care Tips

Brand: UV Skinz 
Healthcare Products
Subject Line: ☀️ Sun Protection Knows No Season ☀️

UV Skinz is my favorite sunscreen and suncare protection brand. I live in DFW Texas and the sun is bright and strong seven months of the year, so I seriously need their products. In this campaign, they dispel the myth you don’t need sunscreen during the winter.

Winter Email Campaign Ideas - UV Skinz


5. Highlight a Seasonal Mystery Product

Brand: Jamba Juice
Subject Line: Get January’s Mystery Smoothie ☕

Jamba showcases a mystery product in this email campaign to drum up interest and intrigue their customers. The green color scheme adds some brightness which is welcome for a winter campaign. However, the product being promoted is a cold drink, during winter, which may not be as effective as a warm drink. This might be offset with the collab Auntie-Annies who at least makes warm pretzels.

Winter Email Campaign Ideas - Jamba



In Conclusion

Although winter may bring slower sales, there are opportunities to engage your audience with campaigns that lean into the season. Looking at what your customers need and do during this season can help you to come up with ideas to engage with them. Also, looking at your collections and seeing what items would make the most sense to promote during the season, can help you to craft great campaigns that drive sales without discounts.



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