• Ladymaker Email Marketing Snapshot

    The Ladymaker

    A series of email campaigns to boost sales for The Ladymaker, a luxury fashion label.

  • Dove and Leaf

    An automated email campaign for an upcoming wall art store.

  • Neural Shifts Email Marketing Snapshot

    Neural Shifts

    Neural Shifts, a diversity consulting agency, needed a Welcome Email Sequence and Email newsletter template. They also needed to review the Online Marketing Strategy for the company and create a 1-year content across email, social media and blogging to engage clients and get more bookings.

  • VIP Tok

    A Website for a TIkTok manager who sells digital products.

  • Dove and Leaf

    An up and coming digital art store

  • Ezinne Chinkata - Client

    Working with NK was a blessing! She patiently heard me out, listened to my numerous ideas, and narrowed it all down succinctly to just what I was trying to achieve!


  • NK helped me get off the ground with a way to connect with existing people in my list and more importantly, automatize the processes for future touch points.


  • Ogechi Iheanacho - Client

    Nkechi helped me get my website up within a weekend. I love the professional look and it's on brand!


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