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Holiday Marketing Tips for your E-commerce Store

The holidays are a great opportunity to get more sales in your online store.

Stats show that almost a third of purchases are made during the fourth quarter of the year.

Even if the holidays aren’t your peak selling season, it's still one you can’t afford to ignore. So how do you take advantage of increased customer spending during this time?

Holiday Marketing Tips for E-Commerce stores:

    1. Start Planning Early: Determine the goals you want to achieve and review your ideal customer profile. It also helps to segment your customers into relevant groups so you can speak to them in a more personal way.
    2. Set SMART Goals. Before the season starts, set goals on key metrics like product sales and customer ratings, and customer store visits.
    3. Optimize your website to create an easy online shopping experience. This a great time to review your website and customer experience and see what can be improved.
    4. Try using SMS along with your email flows and campaigns. Stats from Klaviyo show over 110% conversation rate boost when SMS is added to email flows! Fortunately, with Klaviyo, you can get your SMS account created for free. Wondering when's the best time to start with SMS? I'd say it's now. It’s best to start now - it takes about 10 days to get the number approved. Caveat - Klaviyo SMS marketing is only available in US, Canada, UK and Australia.
    5. Boost deliverability by sending email flows to your clients throughout the year. If you haven’t activated email flows yet in your store, try doing this first. This helps boost your email deliverability, before your start sending holiday email campaigns. Here’s some email flows you can send to your clients:
      1. Welcome - Typically about 3-5 emails which go out to your customer as soon as they subscribe. These are great emails to set the tone, introduce your company, tell your story and highlight customer faves that your client can enjoy .
      2. Browse Abandon - This flow is sent to customers who browse your store and don't place anything in their cart.
      3. Abandoned cart - This is a great way to boost sales all year round and especially during the holiday season.
      4. Happy Birthday - A great way to show appreciation with a special gift
      5. Thank you - Another appreciation email that goes a long way
      6. Review request - Keep getting great reviews by setting your review request process on autopilot
    6. Try Special Email Campaigns that do well during the Holidays:
      1. Gift Guides - to help customers see which of your products might work well as gifts.
      2. Giveaways
      3. Subscriber-only flash sales
    7. Create exclusive Holiday editions and discounts. Think about creating limited edition versions of your most popular products. Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte is an example of a product that everyone looks forward to all year round. 
    8. Get Inspired - Need inspiration for your next email campaign? Try Really Good Emails, a visual database of beautifully designed email campaigns. 
      Really Good Emails Snapshot

Creating your holiday marketing plan

We hope these tips inspire you while planning for your holiday marketing this year.

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