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8 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing in 2024

Email Marketing is here to stay, with businesses sending millions of emails every day. It’s estimated that in the year 2022 alone, over 300 billion emails were sent. Mind-blowing!

With such a large volume of emails landing in your client’s inbox daily, how do you get the best out of your email marketing? How do you make sure your email content shines, and you aren’t lost in your client’s inbox? Here are some tips to take your email marketing to the next level this year.

  1. Start With Your Goals
    What goals do you have for your company? What launches are planned for your business this year? What are your sales targets? All of these goals factored in will help you decide what to focus on for your email marketing this year.

  2. Use Automation
    I find it amazing what automation can achieve for you in your email marketing. Investing some time to write and build a welcome email sequence, a nurture sequence, and get the wording right, can make such an impact on sales. To me, it’s like having a 24/7 assistant working for you, speaking with the right tone and brand voice for your company. Studies have shown that sending an email following up with your leads within an hour of sign-up can increase your chances of success by a whopping 700%! With so many email marketing tools like MailChimp, Flodesk, and Convertkit, there are so many affordable options for setting up email marketing automation for your business.

    Sending an email within an hour of sign up increases success by 700%

  3. Test and Improve Your Subject Lines
    A well-written subject line can help to increase your open rate. Need subject line formulas? Sharethrough’s Headline Analyzer is a great tool to help you create subject lines that get your emails opened.

  4. Personalize Your Emails
    As you learn more about your customers, personalizing your emails can add that personal touch. Sure, there is the tried and tested way of using the client’s name in the subject line.

    Here are some other ways you can add that personal touch to your emails:
    1. Sending emails to groups of subscribers that meet certain criteria. For example:
      1. Prospects who are interested in one particular service you provide
      2. Clients going through a certain life stage - e.g. just got married! Celebrating their birthday.
      3. Clients who have bought products more than once
      4. Clients who have given good or bad reviews of your products
      5. New Leads
      6. Clients who have shared your content or left positive reviews for you on social media. These clients are super valuable because they provide social proof and are marketing for free for you!
    2. Here are even more ways to make your emails more personal:
      1. Try using the name of your subscriber within the email content. E.g. Looking forward to hearing from you, Nkechi!
      2. Send a text-only email - and reduce the corporate branding - many brands use this method to make their emails seem more personal.

    3. Try Using Video
      Stats show that 69% of consumers would prefer to learn about your product or service through video. So, consider adding video to your emails. Some tools that can help you do this are Loom and Canva.

      Did you know? 69% of consumers prefer video content

    4. Review Your Emails every year
      At least once a year, review your automated emails and newsletter templates and see what can be done to refresh and improve upon the content. Try to distill your learnings. For example, what emails did clients engage with the most? What content was most clicked on? With your learnings, you have a chance to double down on content that is most engaging and consider cutting out or re-writing content that isn’t getting much engagement.

      Email campaign tools like MailChimp will show you how your stats measure up against benchmarks in your industry - this can help you see how effective your email marketing is.

      Did you know? Every $1 spent on Email Marketing returns $42

    5. Test often
      For each email that you send, try to test one thing. Here are some examples of what you could test:
      1. Subject line test - different types of subject lines. You could vary and test urgency, personalization and length.
      2. Image test - Including images in your email or sending text only emails
      3. Content test - Do customers prefer newsletters about the behind-the-scenes of your business, or do they respond more to customer testimonials? Do they like product announcements or quizzes?
    6. Get some help
      There are so many other things to work on in a business. Writing and testing emails is just another to do on your long list. Consider getting a copywriter, or purchasing an email sequence from websites like The Copy Bar or Creative Market. While a pre-written email sequence can help you get started quickly, I should raise a caveat that it’s still important to keep your company goals in mind, and edit the email templates for tone and relevance.

    I hope these tips helped give you ideas to improve your email marketing for 2022. Need help with your email marketing? See how I can help you or book a free discovery call to get started.


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